Index of Posts

Welcome to Watchtower! 

Mid-Season 9 Report Card

The Official Smallville Drinking Game! 

Smallville: Absolute Justice links, news, spoilers and pics!

Smallville: Absolute Justice review

Smallville renewed!

Link Drop (5.24.10)

Season 9 Review and Episode Guide

Smallville Season 10 Scoopage (7.1.10)

Smallville at Comic Con deets released!

The Return of Supergirl!

More Smallville S10 Deets! (7.22.10)

Scoop and Spoilers from Smallville Comic Con Panel! 

Smallville Season 10 Spoilers and Scoop! (8.17.10) ♦


Smallville Season 10 Scoop Extravaganza!

Smallville premiere tonight!

Recap of Smallville season premiere “Lazarus” 

Smallville episode “Shield’ premiering tonight. Get your scoop and spoilers right here!

Recap of Smallville episode 10.02 “Shield” 

Supergirl premieres tomorrow night; Get your Smallville scoop here!

Recap of Smallville episode 10.03 “Supergirl”

Smallville’s 200th episode premieres tonight! Get your scoop here!

Recap of Smallville’s 200th episode “Homecoming” ♦♦♦♦

Recap of Smallville episode 10.05 “Isis” 

Recap of Smallville episode 10.06 “Harvest”

Recap of Smallville episode 10.07 “Ambush” 

I Am A Rational Adult Who Loves Smallville ♦♦♦♦

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