Smallville’s 200th episode “Homecoming” premieres tonight! Get your Smallville scoop here!


I cannot! Even tell you! How excited I am! About this episode!

But I don’t have to, do I? We’re all in this together! Smallville‘s 200th episode premieres tonight, and it’s going to be HUGE. HUUUUUUUGE! Check out the preview here:

and enjoy this hilariously awkward clip:

Lois and Clark return to Smallville High for their 5-year reunion! James Marsters returns as Brainiac 5! Clark sees his past (Lana! Chloe!) and his future (SUPERMAN, YO)! Smallville‘s 100th episode “Reckoning” includes a proposal, a death, several near deaths and time travel. It looks like TPTB are ready to top even that with “Homecoming.”

So let’s dig in to all the scoop we can find to prepare for this awesome event:


Newsarama gives us a sneak peek at tonight’s episode as well as a super juicy interview with EPs Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson.


TV Guide’s got a glimpse of next week’s episode “Isis” with Lois Lane taking on the DC superhero.


As usual, KryptonSite’s got TONS of good stuff in anticipation of tonight’s episode: an interview with pilot director David Nutter, an interview with Allison Mack (Chloe Sullivan), interviews with show founder Al Gough, Cassidy Freeman (Tess Mercer), and WB TV president Peter Roth, as well as promo trailer screencaps for “Homecoming,” and my personal favorite, a list of 200 moments that have made Smallville great in honor of its 200th episode!


There’s a lovely interview with exec producers Peterson and Souders about tonight’s episode here. You can find another feature on tonight’s milestone at the link, and this piece reveals secrets from the set of tonight’s episode. By the way, Smallville‘s been doing very well in the ratings this season!


Tom Welling talks about Darkseid’s arc at the link. And here he discusses the 200th episode, Lex Luthor and more Darkseid!


Ahh, this blogger writes an open letter to Michael Rosenbaum. May I just say? WHAT SHE SAID.


Okay WOW. This blogger writes a post about Smallville‘s undervalued fans, and as someone who has watched the show since the first season and even started a blog devoted to it amidst laughter and derision from my other adult friends, it’s really hit home.  And then I discovered his ranking of *every* episode of Smallville (through Season 9), and I cannot believe how entirely I agree with him on every point! We love and hate the exact same tropes on the show! We appreciate it even when it’s terrible! Again, may I just add? WHAT HE SAID. Definitely check it out.

As always, head over to KryptonSite and follow sv_awareness on Twitter for all the Smallville news you can handle. Need to catch up before the big ep? You can read my recaps for last season and the first three eps of this season, “Lazarus,” “Shield” and “Supergirl.” Refresh yourself on the Drinking Game rules and don’t forget to tune into The CW tonight at 8/7c for the premiere of “Homecoming!”

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