Supergirl premieres tomorrow night: Get your Smallville scoop here!

Smallville‘s third ep of the season, “Supergirl,” premieres tomorrow night! In the meantime, get the goods on all the latest scoop!


Read this interview and this interview with Laura Vandervoort (Kara Kent/Supergirl) and check out the preview for “Supergirl” to geek out even more for tomorrow night’s episode!

jon hamm superman

Okay, so obvs the big news in the kryptoverse is that Zack Snyder is directing Superman. According to this article, the fanpersons want Snyder to cast Tom Welling, and everyone else wants Jon Hamm. Well although I am an avowed fanperson, I’ve got to say I’m on Team Hamm. (HAH!) Mostly because I can’t stand the idea of Tom playing some other universe’s Superman. He’s Smallville‘s Superman! Also, Jon Hamm LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE SUPERMAN.

old lady

Holy crap, my friends. Granny Goodness has been cast!


Aww, our little fish stick’s all grow’d up! Arthur Curry/Aquman (Alan Ritchson) is getting hitched this season to…Queen  Mera! The newcomer will be played by Elena Satine.


le sigh. Allison Mack (Chloe) and Justin Hartley (Oliver) give us insight to what’s in store for my fave lurvers this season. And Watch With Kristen gives us a little more Chlollie goodness. Also Justin Hartley talks about Oliver’s reaction to Chloe’s disappearance and Green Arrow’s coming out party!

smallville at comic con

Exec Producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders give us a very intriguing sneak peek into the 200th episode “Homecoming.” MAN OH MAN I am looking forward to this ep! Quit teasing us, yo! And in a bit of Smallville-adjacent scoop, Souders and Peterson are already looking forward to next season with potential new CBS drama The Last Hope.


Tom Welling gives a great little interview about what’s to come and what it’s like on the Smallville set.


Ausiello has some 200th ep news and tells us when Clark and Lois will reveal their respective secrets to one another–in the same episode!

That’s it for now, fellas! As always, you can follow sv_awareness on Twitter and check out Kryptonsite for news and images of our favorite show. Read my recaps of the first two episodes of this season, “Lazarus” and “Shield,” as well as my recap of every episode last season. Don’t forget to tune in for “Supergirl” on The CW tomorrow (Fri) at 8/7c, play the drinking game, and stop by next Tuesday for my recap! (I’m on vacation on Monday, but I’ll be back to the usual sched next week.) See you then!

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