It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted, but that’s only because I’ve been saving up a whole plethora of goodies in honor of this week’s SEASON TEN PREMIERE!


You can find an absolutely gorgeous and thrilling Smallville promo at the link. Here’s another stirring promo and you’ll see 5 great mini-promos of Season 10 here. And the scan of this week’s Entertainment Weekly article about the return of Smallville may or may not have brought tears to my eyes. I need to keep my shit together, or this is gonna be a looooong year.

teri hatcher

BRAND NEW DIRT! Teri Hatcher will guest star in Season 10 as…Lois Lane’s mom?! (in video tape form, because, you know, Mama Lane’s dead). Pretty great casting coup, even though Hatcher’s annoying.


This episode of Ausiello TV has a sneak peek at Erica Durance as Isis in Ep 5! Here he explains the Isis connection and discusses Chloe’s return, and here he gives a tidbit about a creepy Lois and Clark episode titled “Harvest.” Finally, Ausiello reveals a pic of Lois tied up as a scarecrow a la the Smallville pilot.


Get your Laura Vandervoort/Supergirl/Kara Kent scoop right here! We’ll get to meet her alter ego, Linda Lee Danvers. Check out the scan of the TV Guide with Vandervoort here.


Get a glimpse of Chloe Sullivan’s debut in DC Comics Action Comics! She looks hot animated, not that this should surprise anyone.

NY Post has a great interview with Allison Mack (Chloe) wherein she discusses her final five (*SOB*) episodes.


Not nearly enough news about my boy Justin Hartley (Oliver Queen/Green Arrow) lately, but it’s intriguing to note that his real-life wife, Lindsay Hartley, will guest star in Ep 8, “Abandoned.” I will allow that she is certainly pretty enough for that pretty, pretty boy.


Cassidy Freeman (Tess Mercer) gives an interview at the link.


Aquaman (Alan Ritchson) is returning for a “darker” arc this season. Aquaman? Dark? Adorable!


The Gazette has a feature on “blasts from the past” resurfacing in the final season of Smallville. Confirmed names include John Glover (Lionel Luthor), James Marsters (Brainiac), Michael Ironside (General Lane), John Schneider (Jonathan Kent), Vandervoort and Ritchson (above). As for Kristen Kreuk (Lana Lang) and Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor), producers are trying really, super hard, you guys.

Okay, that’s all the goods I could gather in preparation of this week’s premiere! As always, you can check out Krypton Site for a stream of S10 news and episode spoilers/titles/summaries, and I follow sv_awareness on Twitter for most of this scoop. And how BEST to prepare for the premiere on Friday? Read my epic Smallville Season 9 Review and Episode Guide! It’s got every bit of info you could possibly use! Second best: review the rules for the Smallville Drinking Game!

Be sure to watch the premiere of the 10th and final season of Smallville this Friday on CW at 8/7 central! And tune back in on MONDAY when I begin my weekly recaps of new episodes!

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