New Smallville Scoopage!

Hey kidlets! Long time no blog. I was giving you the silent treatment because none of you commented on my INCREDIBLY LONG YET STILL COMPELLING Season 9 Review and Episode Guide, but since no one reads my blog you guys totally didn’t notice! Oh well!

Let’s never fight again! I bring scoop as a peace offering. Here are the tidbits, because I love you:

Smallville will premiere its tenth and final (*gasp*) season on Friday, September 24th!

Marvel Comics is trying to be all Smallville-like and produce a teenage version of one of their superhero franchises.

Most exciting: John Schneider is reprising his role as the late Jonathan Kent in the S10 Premiere, aptly titled “Lazarus,” as well as another episode later in the season. Get ready to swoon over those golden farmboy locks!

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