Smallville: Absolute Justice links, news, spoilers and pics!

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Updated! 2.5.10

It’s Recommends Day Wednesday ’round these parts, and I’m here to recommend a historic television event that will MELT YOUR FACES CLEAR OFF YOUR HEADS! Smallville: Absolute Justice, the 2-hour movie event, will air this Friday, 2.5.10, on The CW (8/7c). And holy lord, I cannot WAIT.

This movie isn’t just for established fanpersons of my favorite show—it’s for comic geeks everywhere. Smallville has employed DC Comic legend Geoff Johns to bring the Justice Society of America to Metropolis to shake things up for Clark, Oliver, Chloe & co. For non-nerds (what are you doing here?), the JSA was the precursor to the Justice League of America, of which Superman, Green Arrow, Batman & The Flash (to name a few) are a part. Johns is focusing on Hawkman, Stargirl, Doctor Fate and villain Icicle for this unprecedented television event, and we’ll also get our first look at Amanda Waller‘s Checkmate operation, a multi-episode arc going to the divine Pam Grier. And did I mention the superb Phil Morris is back as Martian Manhunter/John Jones? Smallville is bringing it this season, and OMG I’M SO EXCITED I MIGHT ACTUALLY EXPLODE!! 

Absolute Justice is meant to be a standalone movie, meaning that comic fans new to the show can follow along easily—although devoted Smallville fans like myself will be gratified by the attention to continuity. I’ve been following Smallville on Twitter (here, here and here) for a while now, so I collected all of the Absolute Justice news I could find below!

But before I get to THEIR links, check out mine:

You can grab the rules for my Official Smallville Drinking Game (and the recipe for the delicious Martha Kent cocktail!) here. Here‘s the link drop with news about Annette O’Toole and Michael McKean’s return to Smallville. And you can check out my Smallville season 9 report card from earlier in the season here. Look for my review of Absolute Justice on Monday!

Also, you can find my review of DC Comics’ Justice League: The New Frontier here and Superman: Doomsday here.


TV Guide talks to Justin Hartley (Oliver Queen/Green Arrow) about his clash with Hawkman, those shirtless scenes and a possible future romance with Chloe.

Hartley discusses working with Tom Welling, Geoff Johns and the whole JSA crew with IGN.

TV Guide interviews Hartley about his relationships with Clark, Chloe, Zod and Tess.

InsideTV talks to Erica Durance (Lois Lane) about Absolute Justice, her upcoming scenes with Pam Grier as Amanda Waller, and her view of Lois’ character arc.

New! Durance chats with TV Guide about Clois, Lois and Chloe’s friendship, Amanda Waller and Metallo (Brian Austin Green).

New! Durance discusses Absolute Justice, Checkmate and Zatanna‘s return with FanCast.

New! Durance gives an audio interview to SciFiTVZone.

TV Guide hears from Smallville executive producer Kelly Souders and Absolute Justice screenwriter Geoff Johns.

Exec Producer Brian Peterson talks to FanCast about bringing Hawkman, Stargirl and Doctor Fate to Smallville, as well as Checkmate and Amanda Waller’s involvement in AJ.

New! Johns talks to IGN about AJ.

Comic Geek Speak interviews Geoff Johns.

MovieWeb talks to Michael Shanks (Hawkman) about his role in Absolute Justice.

Newsarama speaks with Michael Shanks, as well.

New! There’s a great interview in TV Guide with Souders, Peterson, Hartley and Johns about AJ, and DC Comics legend Johns has nothing but praise for my favorite show and favorite character/actress on the show, Allison Mack (Chloe Sullivan)! She apparently has a huge role in this ep. Yay!

New! Brent Strait (Doctor Fate) gives an interview about AJ to Sherman Scoops.


TV Guide has an excellent 2-page spread on Absolute Justice in their magazine this week. Check out the scan here.

Absolute Justice makes EW’s Must List!

DC Comics included the AJ poster in their comic books this week.

Newsarama has a pretty epic spread for AJ.

Clips and Pics:

My boy Ausiello’s got the fully sweet trailer for Absolute Justice.

KryptonSite has the lion’s share of stills from the upcoming Absolute Justice, and they’re abso gorgeous!

The DC Universe blog has a clip from AJ.



The CW has picked up Tom Welling’s new pilot about CHEERLEADING! I find this news hilarious and amazing. Ausiello thinks it means CW’s wrangled him for another season of Smallville by agreeing to his pilot.

Starkville’s House of El will do a post-show podcast on Friday.

How have I never heard of this site before? There are actually organized adults out there who obsess over each and every Smallville episode and detail the way Mr. Marla and I do? Devoted to Smallville, you rock.

So make sure you watch Smallville: Absolute Justice this Friday on the CW, 8/7c, for some face-melting geekery!

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